Advanced Intelligent Systems announces partnership with AgriNomix.

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JULY 16, 2019 

Affordable solution to the labor shortage in the agricultural industry moved ahead today with AIS and AgriNomix partnership

BURNABY, BCAdvanced Intelligent Systems (AIS), a leading custom robotics company creating affordable, autonomous robotic solutions to solve labor shortage problems in agriculture, announced today it has partnered with AgriNomix, the leader in horticulture automation for the North American market. AIS will work with AgriNomix to create solutions for nurseries and greenhouses faced with labor intensive tasks, as AIS’ mobile, autonomous robot provides nurseries and growers experiencing acute labor challenges with innovative and cost-efficient automation solutions.

“We are very excited to partner with AgriNomix to provide a solution for nursery and greenhouse growers to make their operations more efficient and productive with BigTop – our unique autonomous robot,” said Afshin Doust, CEO of AIS.

“Our client base is desperate to fill open headcount. They just can’t find people for these labor-intensive job openings. AIS is laser focused on providing practical, cost effective robotics that can be put to work in the very near term to fill a gap that will only grow,” said Robert Lando, Founder and President of AgriNomix.

AIS is currently demonstrating BigTop, at Cultivate’19, taking place in Columbus, Ohio through July 16.  Cultivate’19 is North America’s leading trade show for the horticulture industry. 

At Cultivate’19, AIS is offering demonstrations of the BigTop autonomous robot at AgriNomix Booth #2047 as well as demonstrating another prototype for the first time: the “pruner” that can trim plants with its “unique arm” that expands BigTop’s features. 

The need for labor in the horticulture industry has been steadily climbing, however, the industry is facing a severe labor shortage. Finding workers to perform the repetitive and labor intensive tasks necessary in nurseries and greenhouses in the horticulture industry is extremely challenging, and those workers employed in this work can often experience repetitive stress injuries. AIS’ autonomous robot – with customizable software – provides an affordable solution.


Advanced Intelligent Systems (AIS) is a practical autonomous robotics company that creates affordable, autonomous robots to solve real industry problems. The AIS team has superior intellectual property and patents which are currently being applied to develop custom robotic solutions in the horticulture, agriculture, manufacturing, and warehousing industries. AIS’ autonomous robots have the intelligence to perform repetitive or dangerous tasks with exceptional dexterity and precision.

Collectively, the AIS team has decades of experience in robotics engineering, management, and operations. The company is based in Burnaby, British Columbia.



As a leading supplier to the North American horticulture industry, AgriNomix excels at helping their clients understand the many benefits of process automation while providing high-impact solutions that address equipment needs, production layout and design, and custom engineering expertise. Since 1994, AgriNomix’s expert sales and superior service have enabled them to play a key role in the “industrial revolution” of horticulture.

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