About AIS

Advanced Intelligent Systems Inc. (AIS) was founded in 2013 with the vision of democratizing autonomous robotic solutions.

The company’s founders recognized that robotics was poised to significantly impact many industries. But they also understood that whereas larger structured industries such as manufacturing had the resources to implement robotic solutions, smaller or less structured industries such as Agriculture or Healthcare were more challenged in the face of significant cost, time, and risks.

AIS’s vision has been to help these unstructured industries implement robotic solutions through libraries of software and hardware modules that be readily customized and integrated to create a broad range of custom autonomous robots.

To that end, AIS has created a deep library of customizable modules, established a strong engineering team that spans the gamut of expertise required to rapidly develop and customize autonomous robotic solutions, and created a large patent portfolio.

Though focussed primarily on creating B2B solutions, as an extension of the development of its module libraries AIS has also developed its own products that it provides to customers on a RaaS (Robot as a Service) basis. To date, we have developed 2 products and 3 prototypes for the Agriculture and Healthcare industries.

Making Robots Accessible to Everyone.

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