Careers in Robotics

Make a difference and bring your talent to a career in robotics.

Career Opportunities in Robotics

Many traditional industries are being forced to innovate to remain competitive. Industries like agriculture, which grow the food to feed a rapidly expanding population, are needing to automate to remain competitive. This means employing practical robotic solutions.  This may sound scary, however, our robots don’t take jobs away from people, but rather automate those jobs that are repetitive or dangerous for humans, so people on the ground can contribute their real worth.

AIS is a leading practical robotics company who needs expertise in robotics, engineering, technology, finance and sales & marketing.  Come join our team and work in one of the most exciting industries on the planet. At AIS, you will help shape the future of robotics by building practical, autonomous, robotics solutions that solve real industry problems.

A Fulfilling Robotics Career at AIS

At AIS, we want to put you on the right path for a fulfilling career in robotics. We have had people start off as robotics engineers and end up in business development, and we’ve had people start off as service robotics technicians and end up as software engineers. We understand that everyone has a passion and will help you find that passion and nurture it to make it a reality.

At AIS, you are not locked into a box, you can think and work outside of that box and are encouraged to give your feedback on anything in the company or on the robotics field and various opportunities. And we will help you define your robotics career objectives and provide you with real life feedback and advice on how to get there, even if it’s not with AIS.

At AIS, we have fun! We organize regular team outings that help build team spirit and give us the opportunity to interact with each other on a more personal level.  Activities include escape rooms, snow shoeing, walks, hikes, and go-carts.

We believe in a nurturing and fun office environment. In our team lounge, we have darts, a ping pong table, game console, as well as robots (to play with) and lots of food and drink for the entire team.

At the end of the day, we support what’s important to you to promote wellness on all levels. We provide competitive extended health benefits programs and transit passes. And we support your personal community initiatives, and encourage our employees to help out in the community for the causes that are important to them, and make a difference.

Launch your career in robotics and join our talented team of robotics, electrical and mechanical engineers, sales, marketing and management professionals.

Current Openings

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