Autonomous Agricultural Robots

Smart Custom Solutions To Tough Agricultural Challenges through Agricultural Robots.

The farm labour shortage

The need for labor in the agriculture industry is in a dire state. Every year, the industry faces increased shortages in finding people to perform the repetitive and labor-intensive – and often dangerous tasks – involved in farming, growing, and agriculture. As a result, farmers and growers don’t have certainty that they are able to harvest their crops in time. Panicked to find workers, farmers & growers are often forced to pay higher wages or provide incentives. This cuts into their slim margins which further erodes the industry as a whole. Thus, the need for Agricultural Robots has emerged.

AIS Agricultural Robots:
The Labour Gap Solution

As one of the top agricultural automation companies, AIS saw the need and developed an agricultural robot so that farmers and growers can now have the certainty that their crops will be harvested on time. The ground-breaking AIS mobile agricultural robots efficiently perform repetitive or dangerous tasks, which are difficult for humans to perform. The robots can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This level of efficiency equals a huge increase in productivity.

The AIS’ autonomous mobile robot uses a set of sensors to observe the surrounding environment. These sensors enable the robot to either autonomously make decisions about its behavior or to pass the information to an operator. The second option allows an operator to control the robot remotely. The AIS Internet of Things platform helps our robots learn from each other and, as a result, can collectively work towards better productivity and safety. Data insights can help business improve operations.

Smart farming

Industry 4.0 fosters what has been called “smart farming”. Within the smart farming structure, cyber-physical systems monitor the field and create a virtual copy of the physical world. Learning is gained and decisions are made easily and efficiently. The data sent to farmers is used to optimize the farming process. Whether it is data on soil conditions, crop ripeness or weed detection, this real-time data brings the physical world of the field directly into the hands of the farmers or growers.

Our smart farm technical experts develop technologies to make the application of robots used in agriculture increasingly innovative to best meet the needs of farmers and growers. Ideal for the agricultural industry, our AIS Navigation Systems helps agricultural robots navigate and localize in the workspace. The better robots are at autonomously navigating a field, the higher the level of productivity.

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“Our client base is desperate to fill open headcount. They just can’t find people for these labor intensive job openings. AIS is laser focused on providing practical, cost effective robotics that can be put to work in the very near term to fill a gap that will only grow.”

Robert LandoAgrinomix
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