As Seen in Forbes:

Machines as a Service:
A New Revolution in Automation

By Afshin Doust — Forbes councils member
CEO at Advanced Intelligent Systems.

Check out how Machine as a Service (MaaS)
can grow your business:

At our company, we have implemented the SaaS and machines as a service (MaaS) models and found great success with our customers.

Some of our customers were focused on having “pride of ownership” but soon they realized that while owning traditional mechanical equipment is feasible, it makes better economical sense to subscribe to a Machine As A Service (MaaS) model for deploying newer technology.  At AIS, all of our products are deployed on a MaaS model. We can even help other manufacturers deploy their products on MaaS, using our proprietary IoT and AIS Connect platforms.

AIS Connect creates a Machine as a Service (MaaS) model for all equipment; we can implement MaaS on all your products.

For growers:

  • MaaS will eliminate uncertainties on machine performance
  • You only pay for what you use
  • No upfront capital expenditures
  • No service costs
  • Access to work volume data
  • Access to more services

For machine manufacturers:

  • MaaS will allow you to deploy more machines
  • Removes barriers to market entry
  • Creates recurring income, adding to enterprise value,
  • Creates strong ongoing relationship with clients
  • Access to machine data and work volumes in real time
  • Offer more services such as Quality Assurance.

If there is a machine you are interested in and wish to have it with a Machine as a Service (MaaS) model please give us the information and we will contact the manufacturer to create a MaaS model for you.