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"Machines as a Service:
A New Revolution in Automation"

By Afshin Doust — Forbes councils member
CEO at Advanced Intelligent Systems.

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Machines as a Service

At our company, we have implemented the SaaS and machines as a service (MaaS) models and found great success with our customers.

Originally, customers were focused on having that “pride of ownership,” which, in my opinion, is emotion-based decision making. Whereas ownership satisfies the “pride” in owning an asset, a SaaS model approach makes better economic sense because it shifts the risk of maintenance and updates to the supplier and eliminates initial capital expenditures. This shift was a relatively easy one because software is not necessarily a tangible asset. Thus, removing the pride of ownership was not a tough task in my experience.

AIS Connect creates a Machine as a Service (MaaS) model for all equipment; we can implement MaaS on all your products.

For growers:

  • MaaS will eliminate uncertainties on machine performance
  • You only pay for what you use
  • No upfront capital expenditures
  • No service costs
  • Access to work volume data
  • Access to more services

For machine manufacturers:

  • MaaS will allow you to deploy more machines
  • It will remove barriers to market entry
  • It creates recurring income, adding to enterprise value,
  • Will create strong ongoing relationship with clients
  • Access to machine data and work volumes in real time
  • Offer more services such as Quality Assurance.

If there is a machine you are interested in and wish to have it with a Machine as a Service (MaaS) model please give us the information and we will contact the manufacturer to create a MaaS model for you.

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