AIS Proprietary Software Modules

Eliminate obsolescence​

Our software modules are updated continuously to ensure that our products are always at the forefront of innovation in industrial automation.


Save development time and cost​

Our library of software modules enables us to rapidly develop customized solutions for various robotic tasks and user stories.


Increase Productivity

Our software modules are Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables to enhance the performance of our robots. 

LiDAR Sensing Module

The LiDAR Sensing Module (LSM) refines, filters, and aggregates 2D LiDAR data for further use.

Sensor Fusion Module

The Sensor Fusion Module (SFM) includes IMU, Odometry, and LiDAR data fusion for autonomous navigation.

Point Cloud Mapping Module

The Point Cloud Mapping Module (PCMP) uses LiDAR data to provide accurate and real-time local mapping of objects around robots and autonomous vehicles.

Obstacle Avoidance Module

The Obstacle Avoidance Module (OAM) leverages 2D LiDAR sensors and data to allow for obstacle detection and avoidance.

Path Planning Module

The Path Planning Module (PPM) enables robots to determine a dynamic navigation route for a calculated start and end point.

Follow Me Module

The Follow Me Module (FMM) uses LiDAR and depth camera technology for reliable human detection and adaptive control of the robot to follow a target human in navigation.

Teleoperation Module

The Teleoperation Module (TM) is a modular framework for remote robot monitoring and control. This module allows for manual robot control and operation.

Decision Making Module

The Decision Making Module (DMM) is a modular framework for control algorithms to manage high-level tasks and state-machines.

LiDAR-based Pot Detection Module

The LiDAR-based Pot Detection Module (LBPDM) enables accurate and reliable plant pot detection by analyzing 2D LiDAR data using classic and machine learning algorithms

Object Reachability Ranking Module

The Object Reachability Ranking Module (ORRM) ranks and prioritizes plant pots for pick-up based on a cost function that depends on various parameters such as distance, time of arrival, and energy consumption.

Unstructured Localization Module

The Unstructured Localization Module (ULM) enables robot localization with centimeter-accuracy in unstructured environments.

Safety Package Module

The Safety Package Module (SPM) enables the UV Robot to detect risky situations (e.g., collision or UV exposure to humans) and execute the appropriate reactions for safety purposes.

Holonomic Steering Module

The Holonomic Steering Module (HSM) generates control commands for holonomic navigation using omnidirectional mecanum wheels.

IMU Calibration Module

The IMU Calibration Module (ICM) Removing IMU-based orientation drifts recurrently using arrays of plant pots or other landmark features.

Manipulation while Navigation Module

The Manipulation while Navigation Module Adaptive control algorithms for Dynamic Pickup and Drop-off of potted plant in rows