AIS Proprietary Hardware Modules

Eliminate obsolescence​

Our robotic hardware modules are updated continuously to ensure our customer’s automation solutions are always current.

Save development time and cost​

AIS modules library enables robotic companies to develop their robotic frameworks much faster at low cost.

Increase Productivity

AIS modules are Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled to enhance the robots’ performance.

Cutting-edge Robot Modules

AIS disrupts the robotics industry by developing revolutionary hardware modules. These modules enable the creation of robotic solutions to perform different tasks. Thus, companies can reap the benefits of reducing cost and development time, and eliminate obsolescence. Furthermore, our innovative design approach for the robotic hardware modules makes it easier to maintain AIS robots and use Robot as a Service (RaaS) model. “RaaS is the latest way that robot OEMs are introducing automation in the industrial sector at increasingly lower costs. While just a few years ago RaaS had yet to catch on, it has since gained widespread adoption.” stated by Robotics.orgRaaS model duplicated the SaaS model and is well received by consumers.

AIS Robotic Hardware Modules Illustrative Figure