Work made easier
with Practical, Mobile
Autonomous Robotics

We create affordable, autonomous robots to solve real industry problems.

AIS BigTop V1

Industry 4.0 Innovation Leader:
The AIS Robotics Platform

Our Autonomous Robotics Software Platform connects physical robotics systems with cyber systems and through artificial intelligence, can communicate in real time. As leaders in artificial intelligence & robotics technology, our innovative development and iterative testing quickly helps shape ideas into reality.


Affordable Robotics Solutions

Our Robotics as a Service (RaaS) business model allows clients to install AIS mobile autonomous robots and pay based on work completed rather than paying a large cash outlay. This flexibility not only maintains the bottom line but allows businesses to quickly add robots to meet demands. Robotics as a Service combines artificial intelligence, cloud computing and the Internet of things with physical robots.


Business Solutions for Industries

Our passion is to help industries evolve and improve with custom autonomous ground robots. Saving money, increasing productivity, filling the labor gap and increasing performance are key ways autonomous robots help industries grow and thrive. Through patented technology, we start by assessing industry challenges and then solve them through the design of custom, autonomous robotic solutions with the intelligence to perform repetitive or dangerous tasks with the dexterity and precision that match or exceed that of a human.


Businesses Are Embracing
Industry 4.0 with AIS

Our customers are leaders in their industries, front runners in the current urgency of automation with mobile autonomous robots. Our custom work in the agriculture and horticulture fields have been influential in the evolution of automation in these industries and are setting the standards for Industry 4.0.


Strong Partnerships
Fuel Our Progress

Our partners are instrumental to our success. Aligning to support the life-changing positive effects of AIS’ practical, mobile autonomous robots, our university research, commercial, technology and government partners fuel our progress.